Tylee: From Chicken Soup For The American Idol Soul

Excerpt from Nikki McKibbin
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The 2002 American Idols stay! the tour turned into coming to an end. one in all our remaining towns was Seattle, and as always, we were behind the scenes after the overall performance mingling with enthusiasts at what’s referred to as a meet-and-greet. I do not know why however on every occasion, there have been little kids on the meet-and-greets, they continually gravitated in the direction of. Seattle turned into no extraordinary.

Tylee became the cutest little woman I would ever see, together with her tan corduroy overalls and little bald head from her chemotherapy. Her large brother, Tre, and her mom were together with her. She has become the handiest 5 years vintage and is already a big Idol fan.

From the minute she walked into the meet-and-greet room, she did not go away from my aspect. She hugged me and kissed me as we drew pics collectively. anything her sickness became it needed to be severe, but no matter it, she changed into the sort of perky and happy little woman.

although I am typically worn out by the point the meet-and-greets are finished, I was unhappy when this one ended because I had to mention 6dcae44b5bb0ed8decf5315a8a4ccfbc to Tylee.

With the tour over, I headed returned to Dallas and looked forward to spending some time just chilling and being with my 4-yr-old son, Tristen. I might have infrequently seen him over the last three months.

simply as I used to be beginning to settle in and get a few semblances of normalcy lower back into my life, the phone rang.

“Nikki McKibbin, please.”

“that might be me.”

“This is the Make-A-want basis?. there may be a little female you met on the yank Idols stay! excursion who turned into just given a danger to make a desire. She said that she wishes turned into to spend an afternoon with you. Her call is Tylee, and we don’t know if you don’t forget her, but we’d be very appreciative if you may make her want coming real.”

“Of direction, I remember her,” I stated. “How many want to I forget about her? She changed into so cute.”

“In case you want to satisfy her desire, you need to get on a aircraft to Seattle day after today. She’s not expected to stay thru the weekend.”

She’s now not predicted to stay via the weekend? I idea. No, that can’t be actual!

My mother and grandma pitched in to help me get ready. at the way to the airport that Saturday morning, i stopped and bought pants that matched Tylee’s tan corduroy overalls.

The Make-A-wish basis? set up our assembly in a hotel suite no longer a long way from Tylee?s health center. I don’t know who become greater exited after I walked in?her or me. Tylee’s mother, dad, brother, stepmom, and grandmother were all there.

I nearly did not apprehend Tylee when I saw her. a number of her hair had grown lower back, and she was all dressed up in the cutest little red frilly dress. crimson must had been her favored colour considering that she also clutched a pink Beanie infant teddy bear in her hand that she never positioned down.

“She includes it day and night,” her mother and father instructed me.

We talked and laughed and took plenty of photos and films. We even ate hot dogs together. She confirmed me a touch book she had made referred to as Nikki Notes that contained the images we had taken together on the meet-and-greet. She had me write in it.

After a while, Tylee wasn’t feeling nicely, so she took a nap, and her grandmother and i went purchasing. I knew she cherished Barbies and teddy bears, so i purchased her a brand new Barbie comforter napping bag, Barbie pillow, and a teddy endure. I signed them all, “Tylee, i love you.”

Whilst we got returned to the inn, she became unsleeping and feeling a touch better, so she sat on my lap and we went thru her Nikki Notes once more. At one point I gave her a little tickle and she or he laughed, so I gave her every other tickle, and she or he jumped off my lap and we ran across the room gambling tickle tag.

Her parents and grandparents have been crushed with emotion. They said they hadn’t seen Tylee have the strength to play like that for so long as they could recall. They said they felt find it irresistible was the first-rate day of her life.

As we had been announcing our true-goodbyes, Tylee went over to her mom and whispered some thing in her ear. Her mom blinked again her tears and stated, “Oh path, honey, if that’s what you need to do.”

Tylee got here over and gave me her crimson teddy endure, the only she carried along with her night and day.

The rain pounded the roof of my cab as I rode to capture my flight home.

Tylee lived a few more weeks.

(Reprinted with permission from chicken Soup for the yankee Idol Soul: tales from the Idols and their fans that Open Your heart and Make Your Soul Sing).

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