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WinXP, you must be able to run multiple tv Tuner cards for your system on the With the right set-up, you may watch live television on one channel and record stay tv on any other channel if you deploy two (or greater) tv Tuner playing cards. this could be performed multi function playing cards just like the ATI television surprise card. And if you want to apply your computer-television like a VCR (and if you have a massive difficult drive), then go hog wild in using your computer-tv as a personal video recorder for domestic tv watching functions. there’s…

WinXP, you ought to be capable of run multiple tv Tuner playing cards in your machine on the With the right set-up, you may watch stay tv on one channel and record live tv on any other channel if you set up two (or more) tv Tuner cards. this may be finished all in one playing cards just like the ATI tv surprise card. And in case you need to apply your computer-tv like a VCR (and when you have a large difficult drive), then cross hog wild in the use of your pc-tv as a personal video recorder for domestic tv watching purposes. there may be a growing bunch of individuals who want to apply their pc-television systems as VCR-like private video recorders for the home. maximum tv Tuner playing cards are packaged with a few kind of recorder software program covered with the playing cards. as an instance, the ATI tv wonder is packaged with a primary recorder feature in its software however you may need to attempt the usage of third-celebration software program including the Cyberlink PowerVCR software program.

Putting in playing cards in your pc-television system:

In case you are the use of same time. all the new drivers that you may get with television Tuner playing cards to be used with WinXP will be WDM (windows motive force version) drivers that’s what WinXP is intended to frequently paintings with. you’ll additionally have to see if your video card can take care of all of the television cards on your device. a few video playing cards will only allow you to play one television window at a time while other video playing cards will allow you to have several television home windows for each of the television cards at the display on the equal time. For those the usage of WinXP, when you have a fast gadget that is as a minimum 1.x Ghz (preferably 2.x Ghz or greater) with a Pentium 4 with a whole lot of memory including at the least 512 megabytes ram, and with a great 4x AGP video card with at least 32 megabytes of ram (sixty four megabytes or more can be ideally), you then need to be capable of run the a couple of tv Tuner cards without any stuttering issues that you can have on less effective computers. In other words, the extra powerful your laptop is, then the more capable and extra stable your gadget may be.

There are a lot of tv cards available in the marketplace and in case your making plans to shop for one, you should first consult the net for the exceptional priced and best featured playing cards.putting in it must be clean for television cards include manuals and the peripherals(cables and and so forth.) that you need is likewise included.

here’s a sample tv card with proper features to be had within the marketplace, its corresponding specs and requirements:

1.Ads instant HDTV PCI – HDTV pc Card

The immediate HDTV PCI from ads Tech is an HDTV laptop Card to your windows XP and Vista pc and turns it into a full-featured HDTV theatre, entire with a powerful personal video recorder (PVR). Now you could experience all of the clarity and brilliance of crystal clear HDTV declares for your pc monitor rather of purchasing a new HDTV.

? turn your pc into an HDTV domestic Theatre
? revel in the crystal clear fine of HDTV publicizes
? receive free over the Air HDTV broadcasts on your computer
? helps everyday tv proclaims and cable television indicators
? Watch, record and Playback HDTV in your computer
? record HDTV, Analog and Cable television on your laptop tough power
? manage television with the included IR far flung manipulate
? agenda television Recordings in past tv explicit
? seek the electronic program guide on your favored indicates by name or key-word
? Time-Shift television watching
? Pause, Rewind and rapid ahead stay tv
? display information for a precis of this system you’re watching
? Archive tv shows to CD or DVD for playback on your house DVD player
? Microsoft home windows XP Media middle edition licensed
? HDTV is here now!
? nowadays ninety five% of all families in the U.S. can get hold of HDTV from at least one network broadcaster. And greater than 85% can acquire an HDTV signal from three or greater community broadcasters.

HDTV broadcast’s appearance higher because they’ve up to 6 instances the resolution of fashionable television declares and lots of pronounces consist of Dolby five.1 Audio so HDTV sounds better too! And HDTV is unfastened – HD indicates are broadcast over the air, no want for cable tv or satellite subscriptions. just add the immediately HDTV PCI in your laptop and a television antenna to acquire HDTV! Plus, if you have analog Cable tv in your house you can also use the immediate HDTV PCI to receive widespread television and Cable announces similarly to HDTV broadcasts.

full Featured non-public Video Recorder skills with SnapStream beyond television specific; immediately HDTV PCI includes SnapStream’s beyond tv explicit which transforms your computer right into a home theatre powerhouse with a effective included digital software manual. past television specific helps you to see “what’s On” and watch it now or time table for destiny recording. beyond television contains effective digital television abilities that will let you Pause, speedy ahead and Rewind stay tv in addition to recorded programs. you’ve got the power to software recordings of future airings through searching the digital software manual by identify or keyword.

Gadget requirements:

? Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or higher advocated
? available PCI slot
? Microsoft windows XP SP2 (domestic or professional), home windows? XP Media center version 2005, windows Vista
? 512MB of RAM recommended
? 15 GB of to be had hard force space – for software and report space. (1 hour of HDTV recording calls for approx. 10GB of tough disc space.)
? ATI Radeon 9550 or NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or above video card
? Sound Card (AC97 well matched sound card)
? Microsoft DirectX or later
? CD-Rom pressure for software install
? CD-RW or DVD-Recordable drive required for saving movies onto CD or DVD
? HDTV Antenna and to be had HD sign on your region

television CARD FOR laptop

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