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The media is chargeable for both- reflecting values of a society and developing new ones to an awesome extent. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ goes an vintage proverb. it’s been proved again and again again on account that the advent of writing and development of media. Media nowadays includes books, television, films, song, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers etc. every of them have developed as a effective medium in their very own right.

Values lie on the middle of the society. They evolve …


The media is accountable for each- reflecting values of a society and developing new ones to a very good quantity. ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ is going an old proverb. it has been proved time and again once more on account that the appearance of writing and development of media. Media these days includes books, tv, movies, track, internet, radio, magazines, newspapers and many others. every of them have developed as a powerful medium of their personal right.

Values lie on the center of the society. They evolve and grow to be a part of the society through the years. each tradition and modernization make contributions to the improvement of values. Values alternate through the years. What became taken into consideration taboo twenty years back is a way of life these days. Thats how media has a tendency to expand the arena. Media is a ways-achieving. Hollywood stars have mass fan following in countries and locations about which even the stars won’t have heard about. With the internet as goes the cliche- the sector has emerge as a smaller place. you may realize some thing about the entirety on the internet, such is its strength and attain. It displays what humans in reality are and what they honestly suppose. No hypocrisy right here.

the usa has usually been a fore-runner, be it movies, fashion or track. What the united states does is observed via the rest. jeans and rapid-food, unique products of the us are now as acquainted to a chinese language as to an Indian. The newly developing countries followed values and traditions created via the west. television indicates at the moment are telecast all over, way to satellites. So the american way of lifestyles is copied in Japan. So do these people lose their unique tradition and values. To an extent, yes but often the case is- the original values are retained at the same time as more moderen values and tendencies preserve on enhancing the culture. So slowly a new manner of life develops- no wonder dad and mom often say, ‘this wasn’t the case in our time’.

Books mirror the thoughts of an highbrow. They provide a deep insight to the way a person thinks. Books are very effective media to unfold thoughts and values. because a book is examine, shared and preserved over time not like a television display. speaking of television indicates, they have got created new milestones. The show ‘Who desires to be a millionaire’ revived the age old human greed for wealth and reputation. Now each person desired to be instantaneous millionaires. difficult paintings- who desires to do it.

Blockbuster reality shows like Survivor and Temptation Island drove home the equal factors. whatever the humans faux to be- their simple cravings have and will stay the same. And this changed into true for all of us anywhere. New values were not created, perhaps added out of the closet once more. but greed and lust proven in these shows reflect the not unusual guy at the streets.

tune and internet are taken into consideration ideal media for spreading one’s very own beliefs, values and many others. Rock stars have hundreds emulating them. carrying T-shirts worshipping devil is part of the rock tradition. but lots of those same people do go to church on sundays. speakme much less about the internet is higher. rather moving on to magazines and newspapers. They print to earn. So scandals are moneyspinners for them and no longer a assignment of morals and righteousness for the society. it’s miles terrible when these media take a biased opinion on an trouble and publicise the identical. Its the commoners who take a incorrect facet due to incorrect ethics.

Media makes or breaks people, activities, something. Values get created, diffused within the society. something thats a way of lifestyles for one man becomes a new price for any other, thanks to media.

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